What to Pack for a Day Trip - Daypack Essentials

What to Pack for a Day Trip – Daypack Essentials

What to Pack for a Day Trip I hear you ask! Day trips are a lot of fun because they allow you to explore many different destinations and not waste any time. If you’re preparing for a day trip, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you have the best possible experience.

First of all, you need a good daypack that will allow you to comfortably bring everything you need on a day trip. There are many options available, so take your time browsing before you pick one.

Your travel backpack or purse should be anti-theft and slash-resistant so pickpockets and robbers can’t access your things or cut the strap and run with your bag. Make sure your daypack is lightweight, sturdy, has enough capacity for everything you need to bring, and is comfortable. Once you have a good daypack you can rely on, it’s time to pack all the essentials for a day trip.

What to Pack for a Day Trip – Daypack Essentials

Here’s our guide on what to take with you for a day trip or day hike. You don’t need lots of gear but there are some items you shouldn’t leave home without and some items you can leave at home. Use this as a guide to build out your perfect kit list for a day-hike. So, sit back and grab a drink or some snacks and have a read through this essential kit list.

Extra Battery or Power Bank

You definitely need to bring your phone on your day trip because you’ll be using it quite a bit. Whether that’s to find directions, take pictures, go through your itinerary or find information. Because you’ll be using it so much, it’s important to bring an extra battery or a power bank so you don’t have to stop somewhere and wait for your phone to charge.

What to Pack for a Day Trip? A Water Bottle!

Staying hydrated is super important during your day trip. It’s arguably one of the most important items on this list. You’ll need plenty of water because you’ll be walking around a lot or even cycling, so you need to drink as much water as you need. Instead of purchasing water bottles throughout the day, you can bring your bottle and get it refilled as you go along. Try and plan your day hike or day trip with a few stops in the itinerary, so you can re-fill it at a pub or local shop.

Waterproof Jacket

Depending on where you are, the weather can turn at any moment so you should bring a waterproof jacket or a rain jacket with you. Make sure it’s breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Carrying a waterproof or rain jacket is easier than carrying an umbrella and you’re less likely to lose it as well.

I particularly like the pack-a-mac style jackets. They’re really lightweight, inexpensive and are easily stored in the bottom of your backpack without taking up too much room.

SPF and Sunglasses

You need to protect your skin and your eyes from the sun, so make sure you wear some sunblock and sunglasses during your day trip. Remember, the sun is often strongest between 10am and 3pm. We most certainly recommend you bring a pair of sunglasses and a small travel bottle of sunscreen. Don’t be tempted to bring those expensive sunglasses! A cheap pair will do, as long as they’re rated to protect you from those harmful UV rays.

Pack Plenty Of Snacks

When you’re walking or cycling around all day, you get hungry and you can save money by bringing your own snacks. Additionally, if you need to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar from dropping, snacks are a must because you don’t always know if there will be a café or a restaurant nearby. Here’s a few ideas of the sort of non-perishable snacks that are ideal for a day hike and will fit in your daypack without any trouble:

  • Granola bars
  • Trail mix
  • Apples
  • Cliff Bars
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Boiled Sweets
  • Gummy Bears

Stock up at your local supermarket and you’ll save a fair bit of cash. If you have to stop at a cafe or pub in a small isolated village, they may not accept card payments, so be sure to also take some cash.

Guides and Itinerary Needed For Your Day Trip

A successful day trip requires planning, which means you need to have an itinerary and a guidebook you can rely on. We recommend you keep this on your phone not only for easy access but also to avoid the hassle of using a physical book. Guidebooks exist in e-book form and you can keep your itinerary on your notes app. What’s important is that you can reference them quickly whenever you need them.

The only caveat to this really is, make sure you at least keep a few important directional notes or points of interest written down on paper as a backup. This is just to insure you against losing or damaging your phone.

Personal Care Products

It’s important that you don’t forget essential personal care products that will come in handy during your day trip. We already mentioned you need SPF, so make sure you pack your sunscreen so you can reapply as necessary.

Hand sanitizer with alcohol is also a must so you can keep your hands clean without having to go to the bathroom, which is sometimes impossible. Wet wipes will also come in handy and they allow you to freshen up, especially during the summer.

Lip balm is also important because your lips can get dry throughout the day. To avoid that, make sure you hydrate well during your day trip. You should also pack toilet seat covers and toilet paper just in case.

Basic First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit, especially if any of the locations you’ll be visiting are outdoors. Now, you don’t have to pack a comprehensive first aid kit, you only need to bring the basics. For example, band-aids, ibuprofen, aspirin, antacids, prescription medication, and antiseptic wipes will be enough and they can come in handy if you get a scrape, a cut, or a headache, etc.

Wallet, Cash and Keys

When you travel, you should have some spare cash on you. Credit cards and debit cards will be easier to use, but you should have some cash on the side for emergencies. So, take a moment at the beginning of your day trip to find an ATM and make a withdrawal to keep some cash on you. It will be useful for small purchases such as coffee or souvenirs and it will save you whenever you’re trying to purchase a ticket or a meal and the credit card readers don’t want to work.

Also, you want to make sure you have a copy of your passport and ID with you. Keep the original documents somewhere safe while you’re on your day trip, but bring a copy with you just in case. You also want to make copies of other important travel documents.

Lastly, always check to see if you have your keys before you leave your accommodations and keep them safe in your wallet, backpack, purse, or pocket while you’re out and about.

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