Top 20 Best Camping Hacks (2021)

Top 20 Best Camping Hacks (2021)

When you’re planning a camping trip, it can be super beneficial to have a few camping tricks up your sleeve. It will make your experience in the great outdoors a lot easier and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself a lot more.

Here’s a list of the 20 best camping hacks you should know about. Take note and practice them while you’re out there in the wilderness so you can have a more satisfying experience.

Top 20 Best Camping Hacks (2021)


Use Water Purification Tablets

If you’ll be near a stream, you can avoid bringing water bottles and just purchase water purification tablets instead. This way, you can take water from the stream whenever you need it instead of carrying a bunch of extra weight.

Pack Food That’s Easy to Prepare and Bring Snacks

Considering how much energy you’ll be spending hiking and engaging in other outdoor activities, you need to make sure you are well-fed. Bring plenty of snacks and pack food that’s easy to prepare.

Learn to Combat Ants

You can keep ants at bay if you spray the openings of your tent with lemon juice or peppermint essential oil, pour boiling water on any ant mounds nearby, and set up a perimeter with chalk or campfire ashes to deter them.

Bring Enough Tinfoil

There’s almost nothing you can’t cook over a campfire if you use tinfoil. You can cook potatoes, fish, and many other things by wrapping them with tinfoil and throwing them in the fire. This will eliminate the need to bring heavy pots or pans and it will help you have hearty meals.

Use an Emergency Blanket to Keep Cool

Yes, emergency blankets are meant to keep people warm, but if you place them over your tent, they will reflect the sunlight and keep your dwelling cool. If you’re camping during the summer, you’ll be grateful for this hack and you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bring Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most versatile things you can bring while you’re camping. It can help you patch up a variety of things, treat blisters, and so much more. You don’t want to be caught without it, so make sure you always pack some for all your camping trips.

Know Your Plants

If you plan on foraging while you’re camping, it’s important to know the basics about plants. There are many false friends out there, which are poisonous plants that look very similar to edible plants, so you need to learn to tell them apart. Before you eat anything, be 120% sure it’s safe!

Make Coffee Bags

Some people can’t make it through the day without coffee. If you’re one of them, you can make coffee bags to bring with you. Fill a coffee filter with coffee grounds, tie it well, and when you’re ready to drink, put it in a cup and pour enough hot water. Of course, you can also bring instant coffee packets, but not many people like that.

Use Sage Against Mosquitoes

Though your first-aid kit should include repellent, sometimes mosquitoes don’t allow you to do anything. If you want to keep them at bay while you’re hanging out in the campsite or cooking, throw some sage on your BBQ so mosquitoes can leave you be.

Bring More Toilet Paper Than You Think You Need

No one wants to run out of toilet paper when they’re out camping, so bring extra. Take out the cardboard center and flatten the toilet paper roll so you can pack more of it while saving space. Also, put it in a plastic bag so it’s safe from water and the elements.

Bring Several Lighting Options

You should bring as many light sources as possible when you’re out camping just in case one of them breaks down. So, bring a flashlight, LED lights, battery-powered torches, oil lamps, or any other camping lights.

Bring a Portable Washing Machine

Making a portable washing machine you can bring with you on long camping trips is very easy. All you need is a large container or bucket, just make sure it has a lid so you can make a hole at the top and put a plunger through it.

Make Single-Use Soap

Making single-use soap is very easy and it will save space. Just take a regular soap bar and cut it into pieces so you can keep it in a small plastic bag and use it a piece at a time.

Bring Baby Wipes

If you want to avoid taking showers too often, baby wipes will allow you to freshen up whenever you need them very easily. Not to mention you can use them to wipe down your gear and equipment.

Use Foam Flooring

Though foam flooring is meant to keep children comfy as they crawl around the home, it can make for a comfortable floor for your tent. They are inexpensive and if you’re camping with a dog, they are a must.

Plastic Bags for Waterproofing

Plastic bags can be useful for many different things. Mainly, they will help you waterproof your belongings if the weather takes a turn. You can also use them to patch holes or wear them over your shoes.

Bring a Power Bank

When you’re out camping, technology takes a back seat. However, you want to bring your phone just in case. We recommend you keep it off but bring a power bank in case you run out of battery and need to use it.

Bring Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels absorb a lot more than regular towels, they dry faster, and they are also more lightweight. That means they’re perfect for camping, especially if the weather is cool.

Put Clothes at the Bottom of your Sleeping Bag

Keeping your feet warm while camping can be a travesty, but it doesn’t have to be. Just put some clothes at the bottom of the sleeping bag so they can soak up moisture and provide warmth.

Use Packets of Silica Gel to Avoid Rust

Your cookware can rust very quickly when you’re camping because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Bring packets of silica gel with you and use them to keep moisture at bay and your cookware from becoming rusty.

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