The Best Card Games For 2 Players

The Best Card Games For 2 Players [Perfect for Camping]

Playing card games is one of the best ways to bond with another person and spend some quality time together. Card games are inexpensive, a lot of fun, and if you get bored of one, there are many others to try. They are also easy to remember and require just a deck of cards, they’ll keep you entertained on those rainy camping days.

The Best Card Games For 2 Players

Today, we will provide a list of some of the best card games for 2 players and we will explain how each game works so you can have a good time with your favorite person whilst at the campsite.

1. Go Fish

Go Fish is a very familiar game that can be played by 2 to 5 players. It can amuse kids of ages 4 and up and adults alike, so it’s an option that will guarantee some fun. Go Fish is very simple to understand and all you need is a standard card deck. To play, each player gets 7 cards.

The rest of the cards will be the lake and they have to be placed facing down in the middle of the table. Once each player has their cards, they have to organize them in numerical or royal order. The one who dealt the cards gets to fish first and ask Player Two if they have a card of a specific number. Player One must have at least one card of the number they’re asking.

If the other player has the number that was asked for, they have to hand the cards over and Player One can continue fishing until Player Two doesn’t have what they’re asking for. The game goes on until all the card sets have been gathered and the player with the most sets is the game’s winner.

2. Memory

Memory is a classic and it’s a very simple game that can keep children and adults entertained for a while. Plus, it allows you to exercise your memory and focus. All you need is a standard deck and it’s very easy to organize them to get the game started.

All you have to do is shuffle the deck well and then lay all the cards facing down in a grid pattern. You can do this on any surface, whether on a table or the floor. When the cards are in place, the game begins and each player takes turns flipping two cards. The game goes on until there are no more cards to flip and the player who gets the most matches will be the winner.

3. Crazy Eights

This is a simple yet fun game where the goal is to ditch your cards before your opponent. Each player will get 5 cards and the rest of the deck will be the stockpile. The card on the top will be the starter so it needs to be turned over and be separated into a different pile.

After that, each card you play has to match the starter card either in suit or in number. For example, if the starter card is a Queen of diamonds, a Queen or any diamond card can be placed on top. If a player doesn’t have a card to match, they have to draw until they find a suitable card.

Players can also draw if they have a card they can play. The game is called Crazy Eights because every 8 is a wild card, which means you can play it at any point and choose a suit for it. If you’re the first to play all your cards, you win the game.

The Best Card Games For 2 Players [Perfect For Camping]]
The Best Card Games For 2 Players [Perfect For Camping]]

4. War

War is another well-known card game where the purpose is to gather all the cards. War is a constant face-off with the other player where you win if you draw the highest value card in each turn. This is played with a standard card deck and each player will get half of the deck. They have to keep their pile facing down in front of them.

Once each player has their pile, you can start playing by turning the cards over at the same time for each turn. The player with the highest value card keeps both cards and they go right to the pile’s bottom.

If both players draw a card that has equal value, it’s war! In that case, each player has to take 3 cards and place them face down. Then, they have to take another card and place it facing up. The one with the highest card tales all 8 cards and the game continues until one of the players collects all the cards to win.

5. Cribbage

Cribbage is often played with a board, but that’s actually not a requirement. You can play this fun game with a standard deck of cards. The game consists of reaching 121 points before your opponent. To get started, each player gets 6 cards from which they have to choose 2 cards and set them aside.

The remaining 4 cards will be the crib, which only the player who dealt the cards can access. However, these cards won’t be shown or sued until the hands are played. After you have set aside the crib, the dealer has to cut the deck and turn the first card of the bottom half. That card will be the starter card and it will be the base to make combinations and earn points.

Once the starter card is shown, the dealer has to lay a card facing up. Then, Player Two will do the same. Both players will take turns showing one of their cards until all the cards are facing up. As the cards are being shown, players have to keep count of the running total based on the numbers of the cards, which is known as “pips”.

This running total can’t exceed 31, so if you reach a point where you or your opponent can’t use a card without going past that number, they have to say “go”. From this moment, the other player will earn points as they lay down the rest of their cards in different combos of runs and pairs, similar to Poker. They win once they reach 121 points. Keeping score in this game be a bit difficult at first, so here’s further info on how to play Cribbage without a board.

6. Gin Rummy

This one is a classic and it’s not only competitive but very entertaining. All you need is a standard card deck and a friend. The goal here is to use your hand to be the first one to get 100 or more points. Each player gets 10 cards and the rest of the deck is put on the table, face down. Then, the card on the top is turned around and separated from the rest to create the junk pile.

The player who didn’t deal the cards gets the first turn and they can either replace the card at the top of the junk pile with one of their cards or pass without discarding or taking a new card. Then, the opponent has to choose between drawing from the main pile, choosing from the junk pile, or passing.

The game carries on as players try to group the cards they have at hand into combinations of at least three equal cards, meaning 3 cards of 10, or three cards with a matching suit, meaning 3 cards of clubs. The game is done with one of the players collects the maximum points, which depends on the combinations they create.

7. Egyptian Rat Screw

Last but not least, we have the Egyptian Rat Screw, a game that demands that you’re quick and dexterous. To play, the standard card deck has to be evenly split between the players. Once each player has their deck, they can’t look a the cards. The player who didn’t deal will start the game by flipping the first card of their pile and putting it on the table.

If it’s a number, Player Two can put a card down from their own deck. You take turns doing this until either player draws a Jack, King, Queen, or Ace. When this happens, the other player also has to play an equal card to continue the game. If they can’t provide a matching card, you get all the cards that have been played.

This can be avoided with slapping, which is where players can try slapping the card pile first when a specific thing happens. Such as playing a joker or playing 2 cards of equal value, among other situations. If someone slaps the pile when there’s no reason to, they have to move one of their cards to the bottom. If you’re the first one to get all the cards, you win.

Final Words

All the card games on the list are a lot of fun, even the simpler ones, so you can choose whichever and have a good time with a friend or a family member. You can even play more than one game to mix things up a bit and challenge each other more with each new game you try. Either way, you’ll be entertained!

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